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Project Management Agency (PMA) to support implementation of MHSS-Project Objectives of the Assignment

The Project Management Agency contracted for the project main objective’s is to provide high quality and professional technical and managerial support to the Project Management Unit, MHSSP to effectively implement the project component and its activities Specifically, the PMA will provide technical support to the PMU of the project in completing tasks related to project management, monitoring & evaluation, procurement, contract management, financial management and IT initiatives that are necessary for effective and timely implementation of the project including any relevant technical assistance required during the implementation of the project.

Scope of Services, Tasks (Components) and Expected Deliverables

To work as the project management agency for the MHSSP, the firm will be expected to read and understand about the details of the MHSSP, its components, activities, associated policies and frameworks etc. to get familiar with all the key stakeholders and relation of the MHSSP with each stakeholder; get acquainted with all the work done and reports/documents prepared under the Project prior to its engagement and also familiarize themselves with the World Bank contribution to the Project, their support, guidelines and regulations for project implementation. The key activities include the following: Provide program management and monitoring support under the project:
  • Planning, administration and management of the project
  • Technical and management support to the PMU
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation: assist PMU in designing and monitoring evaluations and assessments as and when required
  • Ensuring compliance of the project implementation to the World Bank’s policies including environmental and social standards, guidelines, requirements, and relevant government regulations
  • Support PMU in supervising the preparation and implementation of all environmental and social instruments (e.g. Environmental and Social Screening reports, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Management Plans) related to the project activities following the project’s Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP).
  • Support PMU in ensuring compliances to legal covenants, gender requirements and any other such requirements of the World Bank.
Support to the procurement process under the project:
  • Manage overall procurement and contract management activities for procurement of goods, works and consultancy and non-consultancy services undertaken by the project to achieve agreed project objectives and results.
  • Undertake overall responsibility of developing the PPSD (Project Procurement Strategy for Development), and Procurement Plan for the project, and periodically revising them as needed and agreed with the World Bank.
  • Undertake responsibilities of drafting all procurement documents as per Standard Procurement Documents (SPD) and standard templates of the World Bank such
  • Assist the MHSSP in incorporating environmental and social specifications in the bidding documents (as part of works' requirement) based on various environmental and social risk management document such as ESMP, LMP etc.
  • Conduct market analysis and prepare market approach for all procurement transactions
  • Provide advice and implementation support on all aspects of procurement and contract management under the project as per World Bank Procurement Regulations wherever required.
  • Ensure that goods, works and services are procured and provided cost effectively as per predetermined standards mentioned in the bidding document and contract agreement and in line with World Bank Procurement Regulations.
  • Support in developing a system of procurement planning, suggest improvement in bidding process, ensure better competition among bidders, contract administration and site supervision, on-time contract completion, prevention of cost overruns, quality assurance, and procurement complaint redressal mechanism, etc.
Support to the financial management process under the project:
  • Support the project to deal with all financial management issues as per the norms and guidelines prescribed by Govt of Meghalaya and the World Bank.
  • Advise project on financial matters; support in accounting and implementing sound financial management practices.
  • Assist the MHSSP in carrying out monthly and quarterly monitoring of budget vis-a-vis actuals, analyze variances and support in undertaking corrective actions.
  • Facilitate project in drafting documents/ correspondences/ reports on financial issues to be dealt with Govt of Meghalaya and the World Bank.
  • Verify monthly expenditure statements and financial records submitted by project cells for completeness and correctness.
  • Carry out review of internal controls, contract terms/conditions followed in processing payments.
  • Support MHSSP in compliance to Govt statutory requirements and tax laws i.e. deduction and timely remittances of taxes etc.
  • Support MHSSP in preparing project progress reports and financial reports for Govt of Meghalaya and the World Bank.
  • Assist MHSSP in consolidating individual expenditure statements/financial reports received by various entities and preparing disbursement claim (Interim Financial Reports) for submission to office of CAAA for seeking the World Bank disbursement.
  • Facilitate internal and external audit and support in compliance to the audit actions.
  • Facilitate project in timely and effective resolution of audit observations.
  • Liaise and coordinate with Treasury, Banks, State AG, CAAA, consultants, other project staff etc. for effective implementation of the Project.
Additional technical support identified under the project:
  • Facilitate in identifying additional technical areas relevant to address emerging challenges under the project (not covered under the tasks mentioned above).
  • Provide support to MHSSP through hiring additional technical resource (on a full time and/or ad-hoc basis) in addressing these technical issues.
  • Any other task as agreed with the MHSSP.
Support and advisory services to the Project and Govt. of Meghalaya in establishment of digital health information system covering the following:
  • Support to the Project in the development and maintenance of web portal of the Project
  • Advisory services to Govt. of Meghalaya in establishment of digital health information system for the Department of Health & Family Welfare.

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