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Medical Care Assessment methods in Health Facilities in Meghalaya


​​​Improving Medical Care Assessment methods in Health Facilities in Meghalaya Objectives of the Assignment The overall objective of the consultancy services is to measure and improve care broadly and to transfer this capability including the instrument to the DoHFW. The simulated-patient, quality improvement instrument should be rigorously validated and proven to standardize care among large groups of physicians and nurses/midwives in hospital and clinic settings. This instrument concerns the patient simulations tool itself that impacts key physician and nursing staff on important clinical skills, clinical resources, clinical reasoning, and adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines. Scope of Work

  • The consultancy engaged for this assignment should
    • o Develop and prepare an instrument that generates data on the quality of medical care at the individual and hospital level using simulated clinical cases and providing individual feedback on those cases that will allow providers to improve the quality of care in hospitals and health centers of the state.
    • o Provide training for local experts on case development, case feedback and associated data management and analysis and transfer these capabilities to the client to ensure the sustainability of initiatives implemented by the end of the project.
    • o The consultant will transfer all material developed under this project, including its scoring methodology to the client, without any restrictions such as copyrights. It is understood in so doing that the intellectual property that is transferred to the government is done so with the explicit agreement that they will not transfer this technology to a third party and that the technology will be used only to ensure and improve the health care of its population in Meghalaya.
    • o It is expected that implementation of physician-level and nurse/midwife level quality measurement and feedback into the RBF project will begin as soon as possible. As soon as the consultant signs the contract, in close collaboration with the client, will develop 24 case simulations divided the three disease areas such as obstetric care, neonatal and infant care, and non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular).
  • The consultant will develop a total of 24 clinical cases and evidence-based scoring sheets, with 8 variants for each of three clinical disease priority areas of the RBF:
    • o Obstetrical care
    • o Neonatal care and infant care
    • o Non-communicable (cardiovascular) diseases (NCDs)

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